Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Farm Museum Buildings

The Sugar Shack was originally operated on a family farm. Inside you can see the original items used for gathering sap and making it into syrup, including wooden buckets, tapping equipment, and a large vat for boiling down the sap.

The Gregory Inn was build in 1822 to serve as a stopping place for stagecoach travelers between Williamsport, Pa and Elmira, NY, or from Athens, PA to Wellsboro, PA. It displays a number of women's items from the 1800's including sewing machines, and clothing and quilts. It served as a stop on the Underground Railroad in the mid 1800's. The nearby herb garden represents the herbs used for cooking and dyes.

The Carriage House was moved from the Troy Fairgrounds, where it sat for many years as a gathering spot and housed displays inside. Currently the Carriage House is home to over 50 carriages, sleighs, and wagons.

The  Little Children's Church was transformed from a chicken coop into a church by a group of children in the 1930's. It  contains many of the original furnishings.

Visit the Bradford County Heritage Association for more information about these unique building.


Karen said...

Beautiful photos! So much history and beauty in PA.

Donna Williams said...

Thank you, Karen. It's pretty cool for a little bitty town!