Sunday, September 9, 2012

Troy Farm Museum and Historic Village

The Troy Farm Museum is part of the Bradford County Heritage Association. It is located on Route 14, just north of Troy and adjacent to Alaparon Park. The Troy Farm Museum is comprised of a recreated village that includes many historic buildings. The Farm Museum itself has  an extensive collection of rare farm implements, tools and artifacts reflecting 200 years of the local agricultural heritage. It is open from May through October.

On September 15 and 16, The Farm Museum will host the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival. Perfomances and reenactments of times gone by will be held, as well as fine arts and crafts, food, and farm products.

This is a little gem of a museum that is put together by a strong group of volunteers. When you are travelling historic Route 6, the museum is just a short distance and well worth the time to visit!


Susan said...

Great pictures! So interesting too.

Sorry about your son. I'll be in prayer for his recovery!

Bless your heart...♥

Donna Williams said...

Thank you, Susan! We are blessed to have our son with us! And your son will be in my prayers as well. ~Believe~