Monday, August 27, 2012

Little League World Series


Every year, in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, people gather from all over the world to watch 11 and 12 year old baseball players compete in the Little League World Series. Williamsport, PA is known as the birthplace of Little League. Famous for it's natural amphitheater, spectators gather either in the bleachers or on the hills that surround the outfield. A popular activity for children is to slide  joyfully down the grassy hill on a piece of cardboard. On rainy days, this can become a muddy water slide that delights fans of all ages.

The Little League International Grove hosts the players from around the world in dormitories that provide swimming, ping pong, and other recreational activities. Famous sportscasters from ABC and ESPN can be seen mingling in with the crowd, as well as the occasional professional baseball player who once graced the playing field in South Williamsport.

Fans of all ages enjoy the inexpensive and delicious food prepared by local volunteers. Another favorite activity is exchanging pins among players and fans. A youngster's collection of pins can weigh several pounds, and require a suitcase for transportation.

Families, tourists, grandparents, and baseball fans of all ages enjoy the sight of youngsters playing baseball without the threat of steroids, players' strikes, or high salaries. The managers and coaches are dads and uncles, and the loudest fans are moms and grandmas. The hot, dusty days of August are perfect for enjoying an afternoon of baseball at the Little League World Series.

You can see more Little League World Series photographs in my google + album!

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