Sunday, August 5, 2012

Troy Fair Photography Contest Entries 2012

I thought I would share the photographs that I entered in this year's Troy Fair Photography Contest, just in case you didn't get a chance to see them in person!

This photograph won a third place ribbon in the Color Theme Category, which was "Shopping". To be fair, there were only five entries in the class.

Color, Any Subject

Black and White Theme, "Windows"

Black and White, Any Subject

Photojournalism, "Comfort"
It is said that the sense of smell invokes the strongest memories. Imagine yourself sitting at your grandma’s kitchen table after school or on a cold and snowy day. The ten minute wait while the cookies are baking and emitting their chocolaty scent seems like an eternity. Just waiting for them to cool gives you time to sit in the company of grandma. Gentle touches, quiet nods and loving smiles make you feel safe and warm. Cookies and milk—the universal comfort food, bringing comfort to even the strongest of men.
This category was to include a description of 100 words or less, with much attention to be given to the written portion.

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