Thursday, August 2, 2012

Corolla Wild Horses

The wild horses of Corolla, also called Banker horses, live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  They were carried aboard ships by Spanish explorers in the 1500's. They were pushed from ship to swim ashore when the ships neared the shore. They now roam freely among the beaches and secluded beach houses on a 4-wheel drive only beach just north of Corolla, North Carolina. They live in small herds, called harems, which consist of one stallion and several mares. If a male horse is born into the "family", he is forced to leave around the age of two. The horses engage in fights to determine which would be the dominant male, and be allowed to stay with the harem. The losing horse then must find another group of mares, and fight for dominance. This accounts for the many scars you can see on the male horses.

For more information about the Spanish Mustangs of Corolla, visit You can also visit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

To view more of my wild horse pictures from Rick's Jeep Adventures, you can visit my google + album, Corolla Wild Horses.

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